Our retail location is in Kalamazoo, MI. Stop by and check out our store!!

Our phone number is 269-324-2104.

Kristie Abruzzo is a back pain management specialist, and the owner of The Back Place, a store in Kalamazoo Michigan, specializing exclusively in the health of the spine.

Kristie and her staff pride themselves on their ability to listen closely to their customers and provide products and services that help relieve pain and maintain healthy habits that will carry them into the later years of their lives.

Kristie works closely with a wide community of medical professionals and practitioners - to provide the latest in pain management technology, products and services to her customers, to ease their pain no matter how complex the issues.

In addition to her work at the Back Place, Kristie is a motivational speaker, giving regular talks and workshops on personal growth and goal achievement as it relates to spinal health. Kristie is also a certified PMP Coach, a writer, an active volunteer in her community, and an experienced horse woman. Kristie lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan with her husband, and her two horses.