Back Bracing

Back bracing, back supports, to aid in low back pain relief.

Compress-On Back Brace
New!! New!! New!! New!! New!!!!

The Back Place is pleased to announce a new "stay in place" back support. The all new Compress-On Brace replaces what was called "The Original "Stay in Place" Back Support, worn by golf legend Payne Stewart! Our "stay in place" brace uses compression to give full yet comfortable support...
Compress-On Back Brace- Shorts Only
Is your compression short wearing out, but, your brace is still good? If you answered yes, your in luck. You can purchase the compression short seperate from the brace!...
Deveoloped by the International Academy Of Orthopedic Medicine, the SI-LOC gives cofortable support to the SI joint and the pelvic ring. It is tapered and wider...
Schiek Active SI Belt
Schiek belts form a cone shape essential for the perfect fit. Thay provide ultimate comfort and flexibility, with an amazing One-Way Velcro® that allows the belt...
The Com Pressor -Active SI belt
Developed by Diane Lee, PT, THE COM-PRESSOR is a specific pelvic compression belt that allows both the location and amount of compression to be easily adjusted around the pelvic girdle. Through use of removable...
Bledsoe Volare Lite Spinal Bracing System
Support-Stability-Pain Relief

Unloads spinal pressure where you need relief, easy to use, designed for all day comfort with brathable sides, and thinner than a belt.(nearly invisible under clothing)...
Regular price: $64.95
Sale price: $54.95
Dorsal Vest -posture correcter
The Dorsal Vest aids in straightening posture. It features...
Posture Support Corrector
The Posture Support Corrector helps both men and women with poor posture including rounded shoulders, slouch and forward head posture. It retracts the shoulders and provides support throughout...
Original Cincher Back Support
The Original Cincher is the innovative back brace designed SPECIFICALLY for women. The Cincher encourages better posture and improved breathing which prevents hyper extension and...