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Compress-On Back Brace
New!! New!! New!! New!! New!!!!

The Back Place is pleased to announce a new "stay in place" back support. The all new Compress-On Brace replaces what was called "The Original "Stay in Place" Back Support, worn by golf legend Payne Stewart! Our "stay in place" brace uses compression to give full yet comfortable support...
Compress-On Back Brace- Shorts Only
Is your compression short wearing out, but, your brace is still good? If you answered yes, your in luck. You can purchase the compression short seperate from the brace!...
Back Cycler
Doctors have found that continuous movement of the spine increases flexibility and lubrication of the disks, preventing degeneration while relieving stiffness and...
Body Sport  Fitness Balls
Includes inflatable Fitness Ball, air pump, easy to follow instructions and ILLUSTRATED EXERCISE GUIDE! Strengthens, stretches and tones all major muscle groups Enhances...
Misty Willow Aromatherapy Room Mist
Simply mist the air around you to transport your senses via aromatherapy. Can be sprayed onto bedding, in the car or in the office to create a customized atmosphere...
Bongers Massage Tapper Tools
We love our Bongers! Bounce them onto tight muscles for instant relief from tension. Bongers are traditional Oriental massage tools that break down muscle tension and stimulate circulation...
Jobri Body Pillow Delux
Do you need firmer support in your body pillow? This support pillow is the same design as the standard Spine Reliever...
Bledsoe Volare Lite Spinal Bracing System
Support-Stability-Pain Relief

Unloads spinal pressure where you need relief, easy to use, designed for all day comfort with brathable sides, and thinner than a belt.(nearly invisible under clothing)...
Regular price: $64.95
Sale price: $54.95