Comfort for Your Feet

Comfort for Your Feet
They contain more than 7,000 nerve endings, so it's no surprise that if your feet aren't happy, you won't feel good either. Keeping your feet safe, healthy, smooth, exercised, stimulated and pampered can have a positive impact on your entire body -- your energy level, mood, mental alertness, even your hormones and blood pressure!

Tuli's Stop Sports Pain Pro Heel Cups
Extra shock absorbers for your body -- for athletes and heavy heel strikers! Basketball, running, golf, tennis, roller blading, hiking -- whatever you do, Tuli's Pro Heel Cups will cushion your heel...
Tuli's Heel Fatigue Mats
Instant relief from the pain of wearing dress shoes! This is the ideal low profile shock absorber for your feet. One size fits all. Instantly relieves painful heel conditions, painful legs and knees, nagging...
Tuli's Gaitors 3/4 Length Arch Supports
Tuli's Gaitors Arch Supports are designed to provide superieor shock absorption, arch support and comfort for your feet. Gaitors incorporate Tuli's successfully patented waffle design which...
Misty Willow Goat's Milk Foot Soak
This amazing foot soak combines powdered goat's milk with therapeutic salts and essential oils. The milk soothes and moisturizes skin, while the salts promote cleansing and relax painful muscles...
Misty Willow Natural Toe Fungus Treatment
A super-neat, easy, even pleasant treatment for toe fungus? Absolutely! This clever rollerball delivers the power of tea tree oil and other strong therapeutic essential oils...