Presenting yourself powerfully and positively to the world and being truly present in each and every moment of your life begins with becoming conscious of how you hold your body.

The Art of Presence
As the owner of The Back Place, PMP Coach, and active volunteer my daily routine is like many of yours very full. Add to that a great family, friends, and two horses and its pretty much organized chaos. I love my life and Im just like the next mom - an everyday person with a long to-do list.

Many of the products we provide are great for your health and well being, but this page is devoted to providing you with a practical approach to perfecting your own Art of Presence to look your best and take good care of your spine.

These days, we all need something to help us with our posture, our presence in the world and with being present in each and every moment. But how do we bring this healthy practice into our lives?? How do we start to look better, feel better, sound better on the phone. We are all busy with our jobs and families and we have lists of things to do. The last thing we want is another list. Wouldn't it be better to have something to treasure?

Click on the products below to decide which one fits your budget and your personality. Each one comes with the perfect guide: The Art of Presence: A Guide to Making, Treasuring and Achieving Your Best Self"

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Take a few minutes to explore the options below. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to email me at:

Our Simple Pine Box
This box is made of pine and is the simplest of our collection . . . . . .
Oval Box
This box is unique in its exterior shape and stands out from the crowd . . . . .
Rustic Box
This box is also made of pine, but presents a rustic work of art with strip overlay. With this choice, your image . ..
Figured Wood Box
This figured wood box is one of a kind each piece of wood is completely unique. Your purchasing decision includes the . . .
Dovetail Cherry Box
This beautiful box is handcrafted from select cherry . . . .
Got Goal? Consultation Service
What if a beautiful box and perfectly written guide are not enough?