Headache and Sinus Relief

Headache and Sinus Relief
Getting relief from headache and sinus issues can require a variety of solutions. Paying close attention to when the pain is the worst and the different things you are doing or the atmosphere you are in during a 24 hour period will help you focus in on the types of products that can help your unique situation. The products we list under this category provide a variety of solutions to help ease the symptoms and you can check our newsletter and our blog for ideas on what to look for in your environment and atmosphere that may be contributing to the cause.

TheraBeads Sinus Relief
Pain relief through natural moist heat used by doctors, hospitals, clinics and physical therapists. Microwaveable and designed to conform snugly to your body. The hydroscopic beads in every TheraBeads...
Bucky Shades
The World's Most Perfect Sleep Mask, plus bonus earplugs! For deep sleep or daydreams, anytime, anywhere. Great on airplanes! Super-soft padding cradles your eyes without pressure. Eye mask is 100% light...
Still Point Inducer
Rest your head on the Still Point Inducer for 10-15 minutes to relieve headaches and muscle pain, boost your immune system and enter a state of deep relaxation. Based on CranialSacral Therapy, a gentle...
Misty Willow Headache Rollerball
Ease your pain with this easy-to-apply glass rollerball containing essential oils of marjoram and basil...
NEW! Misty Willow Sinus Relief Rollerball
A blend of therapeutic essential oils, including eucalyptus, to promote easy breathing. Great for colds, allergies or respiratory problems...
Misty Willow Cold Chaser Tea
A pleasant way to chase away cold or flu! Sip this healthful concoction of elder leaves, linden blossoms, aniseed, fennel, rosehip peels, licorice root, blackberry leaves and marigold blossoms.