Learn about my unique approach to the health and healing of your spine and the back bone of your character.

Make a Commitment
Growing your strong and healthy spine is not difficult, but it takes awareness and commitment.

Alleviating back pain, and living a fully supported, resilient, flexible, engaged and pain free life, means making a commitment that every day is an opportunity to be more mindful, and make positive changes that promote and encourage a healthy, joyful and pain free life.

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A Simple Pine Box
This box is made of pine and is the simplest of our collection.
An Oval Box
This box is unique in its exterior shape . . . .
A Rustic Box
This box is also make of pine, but presents a rustic work of art . . .
Our Figured Wood Box
This figured wood box is one of a kind - each piece of wood is completely unique.
Our Dovetail Cherry
This beautiful box is handcrafted from select cherry.