McKenzie Early Compliance Lumbar Roll

McKenzie Early Compliance Lumbar Roll
Item# 104

Product Description

Offers superior lumbar support in a smaller-diameter roll. Perfect for youth or petite persons/patients with acute discomfort that cannot tolerate the larger lumbar roll. Detachable elastic strap firmly fixes the roll to chairs and auto seats.

Over the years, The Original McKenzie Lumbar Rolls by OPTP have helped hundreds of thousands achieve freedom from common low back pain. Your Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll can be used at a desk, in the car and at home to ensure proper posture througout the day.

Proven quality! An independent laboratory compared the high quality McKenzie Lumbar Rolls with competitive products and found "...the OPTP Lumbar Roll is more supportive, will not lose its supportive qualities as quickly, and will offer more consistent support longer than the other rolls sampled."