McCarty's SacroEase Standard Models

McCarty's SacroEase Standard Models
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Product Description

The Models BR, BRN and BRSM are the standard, most popular models of the Sacro-Ease Seat Supports. Conceived more than 60 years ago, the McCarty's Sacro-Ease has become a fixture in the world as one of the most effective back supports available today. Bottom Line: Simply one of the most effective ways to "rebuild" an unsupportive seat or chair, these basic Sacro-Ease models are rated among the best. Used daily by truck and taxi drivers, on buses, airplanes, boats, or just driving anywhere, the McCarty's Sacro-Ease works. Fits most all auto and truck bucket and bench-style seats. "Rebuilds" those seats that are simply too soft or unsupportive. Has proven to be excellent for autos, airplanes, bus seats, chairs and sofas. Comes in widths of 19" - (BR),15" - (BRSM) and 12" - (BRN) Made with an adjustable (bendable) steel frame, rubber strap supports, and soft fabric. Foldable and easy to transport.