Misty Willow Regeneration Tea

Misty Willow Regeneration Tea

Product Description

Regeneration Tea is an Ayurvedic blend for optimum health, bursting with flavorful ingredients. The mouthwatering contents include cinnamon, rosehip peels, chamomile, roasted chicory, apple bits, lemongrass, raspberry leaves, ginger bits, cardamom, lemon peels, fennel and cloves. Enjoy a spicy-fruity cup and feel rejuventated!

Misty Willow Tea and Spa Essentials of Paw Paw, Michigan offers a treat for the soul. Proprietor Peg Heinzelman carries exceptional teas with beneficial properties as well as fabulous taste. Imported from around the world, these teas contain the finest herbs and tea leaves, not to be found in stores.

Peg is also a gifted aromatherapist who uses only the finest quality ingredients in her signature body products, including organic Nilotica shea butter, Ayurvedic herbs (including neem, tulsi and rose petal powder) and blending oils derived from avocado, mango, sweet almond, grapeseed, emu and jojoba. She artfully mixes organic therapeutic essential oils to create customized blends that address health and wellness using the time-tested natural principles of aromatherapy.

If you're ever in Southwest Michigan, stop by Misty Willow Tea & Spa Essentials for a cup of Peg's fabulous tea and a feast for your senses!