Sometimes the Best Solution is to Keep it Simple.

Our Simple Pine Box
Our Simple Pine Box
Item# 1879

Product Description

This box is made of pine and is the simplest of our collection. It is available finished or unfinished. The box you choose may be a budget decision, but it may also be symbolic and this choice symbolizes simple warmth and beauty.

If we regularly use beautiful boxes to hold material items like our jewelry, our hopes, dreams and goals deserve their own place to be treasured as well. This box includes the beautifully written “Got Goals?: A Guide to Making, Treasuring and Achieving your Personal Goals”

If you have questions about the guide, or would like to view excerpts, send an email to and put “Excerpts” in the subject line.

Box size is approximately 5” tall, over 6” long, and 5”deep.

Each box also includes your registration card for a free personal e-advice session.