Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll

Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll
Item# 701

Product Description

Over the years, The Original McKenzie Lumbar Rolls by OPTP have helped hundreds of thousands achieve freedom from common low back pain.

Your Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll can be used at a desk, in the car and at home to ensure proper posture througout the day. An adjustable elastic strap lets users secure the roll to standard chair backs and auto seats. The strap also lets patients attach and wear the roll around the waist. The strap is easily removed when not in use.

An independent laboratory confirmed the superiority of The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll in a blind random analysis with test rolls from competitors. While the foam used in a competitor's lumbar roll suffered immediate and continued structural breakdown, OPTP's roll suffered no structural breakdown and remained consistent through the test period.

The lab's conclusion: "...the OPTP lumbar roll is more supportive, will not lose its supportive qualities as quickly, and will offer more consistent supoort longer than the other rolls sampled..."