This is Simply an Exquisite Box

Our Figured Wood Box
Our Figured Wood Box
Item# 8410

Product Description

This figured wood box is one of a kind – each piece of wood is completely unique. Your purchasing decision includes the knowledge that this box is exclusively yours. The metal handle and latch adds to its beauty. With this choice, your image is represented by a fine work of art that reminds you of your own uniqueness in the world.

If we regularly use beautiful boxes to hold material items like watches and rings, our commitments to our spine and the back bone of our character deserve a place of their own.

This box comes with the complete kit titled, "How to Grow a Back Bone" that explains step by step how to put this beautiful box to use the day you receive it.

If you have questions about the guide, or would like to view excerpts, send an email to and put “Excerpts” in the subject line.

Box size is approximately 5” tall, over 6” long, and 5”deep.