When You Want to Stand Out From the crowd.

An Oval Box
An Oval Box
Item# 1896

Product Description

This box is unique in its exterior shape and stands out from the crowd. It is hand crafted with extreme care to get just the right bend in the oval. The finish is flawless and the wood more exotic to provide a symbol of self confidence and a daring to be different.

If we regularly use beautiful boxes to hold material items like watches and rings, our commitments to our spine and the back bone of our character deserve a place of their own.

This box comes with the complete kit titled, "How to Grow a Back Bone" that explains step by step how to put this beautiful box to use the day you receive it.

If you have questions about the guide, or would like to view excerpts, send an email to kristie@thebackplace.com and put “Excerpts” in the subject line.

Box size is approximately 5” tall, over 6” long, and 5”deep.