Expert Consultation

Expert Consultation
Caution Ahead!!!: Severe Spinal Damage

Is this you?

Let my expertise and products put you in a healthy position while you work at your computer.

When we hear the word ERGONOMICS we tend to tune out. We might think its expensive, too technical or simply more than we can deal with at the time.

Fact is, ERGONOMICS is not overly technical and can be addressed in one short and easy-to-understand session.

The number of people working from their home is on the rise and so is the number of people complaining about neck and back pain.

I am here to help and it's completely and totally FREE!!!

Just email me a digital picture or two of you sitting at your computer and I will email you back specific changes that you should make along with product suggestions if applicable.

Address your email to:

For more detailed instructions on how to take full advantage of this offer, click on the product/service listed below.

I look forward to receiving your pictures and your email!

Proper Computer Posture Service
To take full advantage of this free offer be sure to include the following in your email message . . .