Whether you’re sitting all day behind a desk in a cubicle, or working from your couch at home on a laptop, or spending all day on your feet behind a counter, Kristie will give you all of the tips, techniques, strategies and product suggestions that you’ll need to practice the Art of Presence. Learn to present yourself powerfully and positively to the world and be truly present in each and every moment of your life - this begins with becoming conscious of how you hold your body. By practicing the Art of Presence, you not only more fully inhabit your own life, but model good posture and presence to everyone that you encounter in the course of your day. From a recent workshop in Manhattan, the following recommendation: "Kristie led a fantastic workshop for our staff on The Art of Presence, Posture and Ergonomics. She made the material relevant and interesting, offering practical tips for improving the health of one's spine through small but important daily changes, and our staff loved it! Immediately afterward I walked into offices where computer monitor height had been adjusted, a co-worker was doing a spinal exercise in his chair while he worked, and another co-worker commented to me that she was walking with more awareness about her posture, and trying to make permanent healthy changes. Four days later I overheard three other co-workers still talking about the workshop and the tips they took away! This has had a lasting, positive impact on our staff and we are all grateful for Kristie's visit."
Kristie’s proven system to help anyone with spinal health and healing by strengthening the back bone of their character, along with their physical back and neck. Kristie’s four commitments: Know Where You Stand, Know What you Want, Do What You Say, and Say What You Mean, helps workshop participants to identify the habits, routines, and attitudes that are contributing to their pain and then guides them to develop and implement a plan to create powerful changes in their spine and in their world.