Tension and Stress Solutions

Tension and Stress Solutions
Tense and stressed? Indulge your senses! Fill your day with soothing aromas, music, touch therapy and more. Our relaxation products are designed to alleviate the stress that can age us, weaken our immune systems and sap our energy. Sure, you can find inexpensive "relaxation" gadgets or "aromatherapy" fragrances at almost any store these days (even the supermarket). But they're usually mass-produced, of questionable quality and made with cheap artificial ingredients. Not our products! We carry only high-quality, high-performance solutions used by professional therapists, like therapeutic-grade essential oils and music produced specifically for deep brainwave relaxation. These are products you won't find on a store shelf or at the mall. They're great for personal enrichment AND they make wonderful gifts for all the people you care about! And since we don't want to stress out our planet, we always look for earth-friendly, fair-trade manufacturers. So relax, we've done the hard work of finding the best tranquility solutions at the best prices. Enjoy a calmer, healthier life!

Massage Chairs
An invigorating, deeply relaxing massage right at home, with just the push of a button? Absolutely! We carry both Human Touch and iJoy massaging chairs...
Bucky Utopia Travel Neck Rest
As seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show! Classic buckwheat U-shaped neck pillow delivers cozy, relaxing comfort and stress relief at home or on the go...
Bucky Shades
The World's Most Perfect Sleep Mask, plus bonus earplugs! For deep sleep or daydreams, anytime, anywhere. Great on airplanes! Super-soft padding cradles your eyes without pressure. Eye mask is 100% light...
Bongers Massage Tapper Tools
We love our Bongers! Bounce them onto tight muscles for instant relief from tension. Bongers are traditional Oriental massage tools that break down muscle tension and stimulate circulation...
Thermophore Moist-Heat Pad Joint/Medium 14"x14" w/ Auto Switch
Intense, moist heat with the added convenience of a pre-set switch, so hands are free to continue activities during therapy. Specially blended cover is washable and non-shedding. Generous size...
TracCollar by Body Sport
This portable and lightweight traction collar inflates with dual bulbs to gently stretch and relax muscles for pain relief.Developed by orthopedic engineers for comfortable...
Still Point Inducer
Rest your head on the Still Point Inducer for 10-15 minutes to relieve headaches and muscle pain, boost your immune system and enter a state of deep relaxation. Based on CranialSacral Therapy, a gentle...
Misty Willow Muscle & Back Relief Formula
Therapist recomended! This stuff works! Powerful essential oils like marjoram and basil deliver natural yet effective relief with a refreshing scent...
Misty Willow Aromatherapy Room Mist
Simply mist the air around you to transport your senses via aromatherapy. Can be sprayed onto bedding, in the car or in the office to create a customized atmosphere...
Misty Willow Chamomile Tea
This elegantly simple tea contains 100% organic chamomile flowers. Among herbs, chamomile is renowned for its relaxing effects. Sip a steaming cup of this delicious herbal tea to melt your stress away naturally...
Misty Willow "After 7" Rooibus Tea
Enjoy this addictive cocoa-mint tea alone or with friends. The perfect ending to dinner, it's naturally caffeine-free and good for your health, too!...
Misty Willow Regeneration Tea
Regeneration Tea is an Ayurvedic blend for optimum health, bursting with flavorful ingredients. The mouthwatering contents include cinnamon, rosehip peels, chamomile, roasted chicory, apple bits, lemongrass...
Misty Willow Stress Blocker Tea
Misty Willow Tranquility Tea
An herbal concoction blended for ultimate relaxation. Includes mint, chamomile and rosehip peels...