Welcome to Happy Toes! the ONLY effective treatment for toe and foot fungus available without a prescription.

We developed this treatment and cure at The Back Place because of the delicate balance between our feet and the health of our spine. Our feet must be healthy and balanced so our spine has the best possible foundation when we move around on our feet doing all the things we love.

We decided to make this product available only through our website and FaceBook page so you can help us spread the word about this amazing product.

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Happy Toes

Happy Toes An Amazing Rescue Kit For Your Feet!

The Happy Toes Kit includes two heavy duty clear plastic bags; 2 slipper socks available in fun colors; 6 oz of Active Solution; 6 oz of white vinegar; and instructions.


A treatment takes 30-40 minutes and once the treatment time is complete, the feet can be dried off and placed in socks/shoes or a pedicure service can be performed without affecting the treatment.

What happens during the treatment?

The two solutions mix and create a gas that kills the fungus but will not affect normal tissue. The gases are trapped in the plastic bag with the slipper sock elastic tie above the ankle. Everything in the kit is reusable for 6 treatments.

Order today to Bring Back Your Beautiful Feet! Happy Trails?... Happy Toes!